My Story:

Hi my name is Summer and I am 13 years old! I was diagnosed at a school scoliosis screening 2 years ago, but since no one else in my family has had scoliosis my mom and I weren’t alarmed. A weeks or so later, she noticed that I wasn’t standing straight so we went to so many scoliosis specialists until we found the doctor I have now. On December 10, 2018 I received my back brace. I was supposed to wear it 16-18 hrs but I wore it 24 hrs as a precaution. A couple months ago I went for my normal checkup with my orthopedist and he said I should look into surgery now because my curve progressed and if not it may get worse and worse. I immediately broke down in tears as I have never had surgery and have never been so scared. My surgery is scheduled for December 6, 2019 and I am ready to take on this challenge! I even made my own instagram account @Scoliosis_Strong_2019