Our Story

My name is Charlotte and I was diagnosed with scoliosis at age ten. From the beginning, the most difficult part of having a brace was not wearing it, but instead, finding something to fit it in. Right away after I received my first back brace, I noticed this problem on the plane ride back home. On the dreadful 5 hour long plane, when I got uncomfortable, there was no where to store the brace, nothing was big enough. During gym class at school, I was forced to hide my back brace in the principle's office so the other kids did not know about it. So, with this problem in mind, I have since been unsuccessful in finding a remedy. So, for this reason, I created embrace bags. Embrace bags are trendy bags, specifically designed to conceal one’s back brace. By removing the discomfort of being insecure about one’s brace showing to the public, embrace bags aid in boosting self-esteem and confidence. Ever since I started using this bag for my brace, not only did I suddenly feel secure but also others around me who did not own braces began to ask where they could get a bag for themselves. 

Hi, my name is Livvy Silver, and just like my sister, I was diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis when I was ten. Based on our own experience, we have designed a way for teens with scoliosis to carry their braces without embarrassment.  I know it’s bad enough having to wear a brace in middle school for 23 hours a day, without worrying about your friends whispering about you behind your back. As the Chief Operating Officer of Embrace Bags, I’m proud to offer you a trendy bag for your brace that will help you feel more confident and secure whether at school, on sleepovers or while traveling. You’ll be glad to know that we have already contributed hundreds of dollars to organizations that support and fund brace wearing, like Stand Tall America, and a portion of each bag purchased goes toward this and other similar organizations. Welcome to EmbraceBags.Com

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide insecure scoliosis patients with the remedy for hiding their bulky back braces, in a trendy fashion. Simultaneously, these bags will empower young patients to carry their braces with courage, pride and style, now unafraid of others noticing their braces.